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Our Story

Custom crafted, grown on site

We’re Northern Michigan locals on a mission to create the state’s premier cannabis destination and experience.

Wildly different from the “big guys” who offer multiple products and brands sourced from multiple farms and suppliers, our unique microbusiness model means that everything we sell is grown, processed and packaged on site (think of it as the craft brewery of the cannabis world). This means we are laser focused on one thing – producing the highest quality cannabis around.

Our state-of-the art, deepwater undercurrent hydroponic process allows us to precisely control every stage of the growing process ensuring each plant has exactly what it needs exactly when it needs it to produce premium flower.

Our entire, 150-plant grow is visible behind glass where you can experience the various stages first-hand, from “veg” to “flower” to processing, offering unparalleled transparency into exactly how our cannabis is produced. 

Additionally, our highly-trained, passionate and friendly team is happy give you a guided tour and answer any questions you may have. Whether you’re new to the cannabis scene or are a well-versed veteran, our ultimate goal is to ensure you have an incredible experience from the moment you step foot in our shop to when you’re relaxing at home with our product.

Hydroponic Cultivation

Deep Water Culture (DWC) is a style of hydroponic growing where plants are suspended in special pots with their roots stretching down into a pool of aerated, nutrient-rich water. The result is healthy, well-oxygenated roots and lush growth.

Shopping at Northern Native

  • Recreational Cannabis Grown Here. Literally.
  • Open 11am-7pm Monday-Friday, 12pm-6pm Saturday-Sunday
  • Deli-style flower that you can see every step of the way
  • First time customers receive penny preroll or gram with purchase of $25 or more
  • New Best Buds Club Members receive three staggered discounts. Must use within 90 days of signup.
  • Veterans, Seniors, Industry Professionals and Students receive 15% off each visit