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Rooted to Northern Michigan
Hyperlocal Hydroponic
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    Redefining Locally Grown

    Like a microbrewery of the cannabis world, Northern Native Cannabis Company grows, processes and sells painstakingly crafted hyperlocal, hydroponic cannabis in a truly unique shop where you're able to experience the growing process first-hand. Our innovative, small-batch, perpetual "farm to jar" approach offers exclusive homegrown product designed to appeal to the cannabis curious as well as the cannabis connoisseur.

    About Us
    Our Process

    What is a microbusiness?

    Our recreational cannabis microbusiness license allows us to cultivate, process, and package flower and other cannabis products all out of our Kalkaska facility. Our hyperlocal, hydroponic cannabis is harvested on-site and packaged directly for you. Specialty strains have been hand-selected to fill gaps in the NoMi market and offer a fresh, small-batch alternative to mass produced cannabis.


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